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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prose - When Voice & Words Sound their Affections

Sometimes it  is worth typical when words may sound, voice may ejaculate. When two strangers are at mills away, but the heart is at near, you may want to ask no more the sky is the limit.

Every pause you make, every air you move between breathen words, will totally move someone up and down. For every conversation line, there will be always a hidden world which we may seen it to be misplaced.

Not the same when it was a summer day and a winter night, because all you need is above the lines.

The missing words that keep the collage and between those puzzles, those that will replace the feelings beyond emotions that may come after the unforgiven desire.

When the sky lies the moon and the stars in between us, that's when you know Love and bless is all we need.

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