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Thursday, January 17, 2013

16 Jan 2013 - Work limited

Work ? Career ? Not a big difference. It's humane and if there was not effort, you're gone. To work in one of the foreign bank it's not an easy chance. God heard my intention why I want to work. All you need to do is to have those funny hocus pocus poker face to focus in what we do. Its been a year (almost), now I gotta know my strenght and my weakness and I'm goin to have it all organized. I felt I have taken all for granted. And that's not a good thing, for all this while and I am going to put my new year resolution as something that I can ponder and smile upon. Something that is beautiful, to be dreamt of. Positive has it stories. I have to have that to keep my survive, having anguish and negative will always make it worst. I KNOW BUT I STILL DO IT - the basic foundation of human. I gotta try my best ! Good luck Ainn! U go girl!
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Prose - Hold You Still

Knowing you is about reaching myself. I wrote you up to the sky above, for me to crave all the time that we spent together. Hearts afraid that I could lose you, with those fadeless emoticon, I wish it could go, scarless. Under my skin, I felt it beyond our shelter. Every pieces of you, I know it is in my silent verbena. There is nothing more that I heed, but hold on to you still.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 Jan 2013 - Off Day with Out

My off day - Do you think it's an off day for me.? No. Well I went to my work place as usual.at the afternoon due to follow up of non-urgent issue. The day seems so peace.for.me. After a pace of stress and I got to learn the tricks where be positive is all.I need, when stress comes, I have to buckle my.emotion seat and let the positive takes control. It is true people around us can be the friend and could be the enemy to our emotios where you need to be in conrolled, most of the time. Today is so special that I'll be going out with a new friend. This is the first time in my life when I felt it is so quick to go out with someone that you just knew at the shop. Well, I think I am going to have a new perception abt not everyone need to be known a year, some due to the supernatural - sincerety makes you wana know.them a lot more closer and by this kind of secreteless attitude, makes you a year not to know them better. I call it as like at first sight, legally :)

Stay tune...
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Prose - Hazel Eyes

You're known. By those seeking eyes of jubilant street. When wind pulls me down, you fade in the sky to stride it all out of the fall. Clicking the clock, watching the seconds tear the door hours, I start to ask myself. You were there when I need one the most. Behind those hazel eyes, that even ail couldn't reach me, touches myself to be with you, the one and only. :)
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prose - Unforgettable Goodbye

When goodbye turns you down, hello will offer you a turn on heath. Goodbye says end while hello screams yeahhhh. It was when all feelings have their own doors to perceive and to bare. It was when your loved hail their mind that totally worn you out.
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Prose - The Lucky Love

It was the first January. When I got to know you real close after those exhausted jars of old year mate. You lend me my hand, untouchable.uncountable on those glorious sight. I know when the seconds and hours that has been created by Him is for me to leave or to hold on to you. You have shared the smiles and the looks that everybody owes me while I was in a tearing breakthrough. Your stares are like the endless fire that will keep me to shine through, to remind me the diamonds of grateful. Hazel keeps me thinking while mist stays me awaiting. You are beautiful like a diamond in the sky, that shines bright like I do. When only the trouble passes by to breach us two, i'll pray that every seconds of our love is in His protection, anon you are my lucky love.
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prose : When World Is Not Enough - New Year - Part 1

When world is not enough, we tend to jump into the world that fulls with the emotions and genuine feelings that will describe surrounding true colors. It is not a lie, definitely... we are still survive despite of super-silly Hollywood plastic 2012 doomsday props. It's 2013, hello to that and time to wake up. Each one of us has the foundation, the base that causes the status of who really are today. Politics , faith are all blended in our every part of life, you like it or not, materialistic will get its own way to create it's detour when one's faith to God no longer survive in the core of the heart - soul. Each one of us contributes one another in this world. You feel better and others too, you feel worst and others too. The power of the sense relation is not only based on general lay man terms, but the sense that you have towards others. What is God's role, actually , literally , figuratively you name it... God roles in this world, beyond everything that you need and you may need in this world, the world that full of lies, deceives and injustice. God is there, just to remind that everything that he has promised through His books is not a lie, but truth that He will keep in the end. God is there, just to remind who you really are, we are nothing but a small ant that conforming, receiving, giving, contributing and what more to deceive ? We need lights when dark is shelter in, we need hope when loser comes by, we need humility when ego shows up, we need prays when arrogant cross it's fingers. Who are we ? we are nothing but the servant in this world, you can describe what kind of servant you are if you want to. You can be the good servant in the eyes of God, you can be the worst if you deserve to be one, but God never misses a thing, a tiny single little thing. 

To be continue... :)