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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Momentous Moments - 4.11.11 Mama Chops Papa Grills*

Hehehe...*belum pape dah hehe* MashAllah, I had a great dinner moment last night with my family except abuya... *nama baru papa* LOL. anyway, actually we *I mean me* were planned to go to Black Canyon Restaurant at Jusco Au2 *because of the nice food and best service* pelayan yang tak sombong... ;) but emm something has came up and with me, tired *I missed my lunch* well... we, my mom, 2 sisters and my only brother decided to go to the nearest out bizarre prima sri gombak which has so many food cuisine like rodeo stick house, mama chops papa grills, coffee box, old town white coffee, ani sup utara, sekinchan ikan bakar, nasi ayam penyet, tutti fruitti, ice room, bariani house, steamboat and E.T.C... sounds interesting huh :P so yeah there we went , the green signage of papa chops mama grills... creepy from it sounds, the manager I guess its arabs *maybe that's y* but a relief, as long as we know and confidence that it is halal... its really delicious mashAllah, with the steak and so on :P I have ordered *crazily* 2 boils of salads mixture and chicken *macam tak leh buat plak* hahaha... well, alhamdulillah for all the ni'mah HE has granted us all... ;) maybe next time la black canyon tue huhuhu...

Funny Moment : When I asked my Mum:"Ma, which one you want? papa or mama?" finally mama take papa*beef* LOL 
No picture, coz full table with hands ! guess the meaning LOL.

Tomorrow is Eid InshAllah... I pray that all jemaah in Mekah have their safe trip back to Malaysia and attain Haji Mabrur InshAllah :) Family and I, one day inshAllah.

Friday, November 4, 2011

coming... Eidul Adha 6.11.11

Every Muslim around the world will be celebrating Eidul Adha this coming 6.11.11 insyAllah... I'm getting into the mood and yeah I can still recall those moments when I got a chance to witness the baqarah to be slaughtered during last year eid... It was so powerful that the moment I saw that happened in front of my eyes, I feel so thankful to Allah  and speechless when I see the loving animal, its not an empathy as I believe, this is the contribution/korban... and the meaning itself is not sufficient only to describe the slaughtering stuff... It's about how each muslim could have a responsibility to contribute the ummah, for me, Eiduladha is more towards self awareness, responsibiltity and Eidulfitri is more towards the gratitude to Allah s.w.t for all the ni'mah :) 
Planning ? Stay at homey, going out with family for the Saturday *halfday*, Sunday plus Monday. I'm still waiting for the payday *hopefully is today*

Will update more soon...
*Wish everyone Jumaat Mubarakah and Have a pleasant weekend with loved ones*

Trance Songs - Beats for *Kemas Rumah and Lazy-induce Songs*

The trance beats are so lively and make us to be so energized when we are in the mood of laziness in something like cleaning your house and perhaps jogging exercises. *sigh* These are some of the songs that I would like to share here :-

1. Edward Maya - Desert Rain

2. Alexandra Stan - Show me the way

3. Alexandra Stan - Get Back (a.s.a.p)

4. Akcent - That's my name

5. Adrian Sana - Hold On

Prose - Hope on Missing Puzzles

Hope deludes and alludes, it walks as the one that I hold on to... like a street that  craves for a steps. The passion indeed isn't something that would cascade itself. It never prolong the wish that everyone has upon it, merely the lives... I had a wish and I have a hope in which both of these, are like me and you. And... As I hold on to this life, seeing you is a hope that I can flares towards my freighter eyes, thinking of you as a bizarre chivalrous dream that I could ever have. I wish I could spell the wish on those hopes of you...  flawless.perfect.undoubtful. I love the way the tree sways it's when the wind goes by, feels like a dream that will be come true aside of those vertical horizon hitherto it makes me believe. It could be the lyrics in beating those ruthless vendetta, with those lines that dire the peace. And I know, someday somehow over the clover leaves of thunder, you will be there because you are the missing puzzles.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poem - A Song of My Heart

I love thee...
Without a charm and a hope,
because I know, God is the only resort that I turn myself in,
in loving you... with all my heart.
Indeed  you are the song of my heart,
that chills, laughs, smiles beyond others' solemnity.
A song that fulls with bash lyrics upon the land of vicinity. 
I never felt this way,
Loving you is all I need.
The night is the shelter of a bright moon,
that yearns the light of a poor delusions. 
As I hope, I know you by the memories of God...
that you lain in my peaceful heart.
I wish I could love you,
like a celestial star that hid upon thousands moon. 
Someday I know, those hiss of love that I have for you...
will be sent down by HIM, the one and only.
for me to meet you in Jannah.

Kinda like the beat of this trance song :) enjoy !