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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Love VioLeT NighT

Never could to describe the passion within the sphere and the roses that has grabbed me for so long. It tears, allures and lingers the shadow that fades the evil inside. Love the way it holds my heart, stands on my sight and gives me loves when i need them. Five in the morning, i hear you with silence along the words that we wrote. Even you are million miles away, we could still touch the dreams that we have upon the hill and mountain. I would make love to the missing heart which endeavor its existence since the moon brights its shield to my lone night stand. Waiting for it to discover the jovial shape in my ruthless sky of love. For the tiny tempestuous and luxuriate world that we in now, trying our best to become the solemn folk with a joyful pain in gaining the vision of laden love. Spreading the wing within the clover wynd, never stops me from getting an absolute inane conforming to the stupidity street of society. Fills my soul with despair and tantalizing in-vibrant cynical words of fey. It is so like a river that flows between our feet and wave its back at us.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Short Prose 5 - DisTurBia

The word defines our head, thoughtless with the endless prob. Nothing would heal and heed us unless we rejuvenate ourselves through mind reflection and have an effing moment at the beaches. It makes us be rattling ceaseless with all its agenda, family, friends, money, future, lover and religion. Sometimes, it would give us a glimpse and hiss with the breakable glass. No one breaches themselves without a mediocre obstacle in their life and no one ever get away from an avid matter that runs passes them. We have to solve it, no matter what. A voiceless heart may have the answer - do not ever give up!
It is absolutely abnormal, in having those trouble, listening to those devour hiss and whispering that always haunt us in doing a seraphic moment of our life. It is over our head. Prevails us from enjoy and attach our side to the other. A disturbance, completely has driven us inane.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Prose 4 - Visible liE

It really lives among us, which collapses all the trust and truthful soul. What makes a lie become alive? it is so arduous that its like the soul complication in getting a breath. We do lie sometimes to save a soul peacefulness, we do lie sometimes to save our soul from getting to be used by a blind's man overreaction. But it is true when people say that lie is not easy that we could imagine of. Telling a lie completely will drown your tongue and soul and at the same time ablaze your utterances into something undesirable state > the unemotional speak. we speak as it comes from our heart and mind, but lie is a rattling shun the seraphic and upraise the ail, atrocious mediocre upon our shining complexion.
A lie allures its gentle sway beyond our ruthless mind. But White lie has a different story to tell. It could educate, nurture and detach the devour behavior to be a fresh avid sight. A lie may be portentous for some souls, but not for others if this kind of mindless code is not purported and streamed to the right lane. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

If oNly

 Its been always the society that has evanesce'd the truth about ourselves. Rattling deceitful. Not to blame you or you but, this is how it works, people do change over time to time even the next second, and some people do not ever notice, which leads them to adhere with the previous you. How miraculous is that? then, we got the blame! man, its really making us to be the dying rose ever. well, it is true that we are ought to be what the society expect us to be (sometimes). I can tell, none of the episodes of life will get to flip over if this still going on.. sometimes people do not get to understand us though we have so mannerism towards them. for them, its time to fleet the worsen part. that's so hilarious!

Open minded? well, not all people can really have that typical character, trust me! they are just claimed to be like that, in the end, when any bad or rebellious story burst at them face, they just turn back on us and crack the relationship so hideously. What the heck???  i do have friends to share loads of things but not all, that is the first reason that i do not care to have a best friend because i know someday somehow no one can ever accept the real us (its a fact). its really arduous. The most portentous is that be as what we are.


Friday, November 26, 2010

mY BoO

There are five of them, Miss Booboo is one of a kind (five months old). its really an abnormal struck at my chest coz she is the first greyish cat that i ever have for so many generations (cat's and not mine). it was long time ago (four years back) i used to flip over the cat's ensyc and i found a grey cat profile.. BUT never came across that i would own them one day coz its russian blue and said to have its legend name > archangel cat (just found out) !!  she got two white spot at her chest and belly heee :P  well, i'm so lucky.. thnx to Allah. now i'm trying to be the best pal to my cats and yeah :P
I can tell you, cats really keen and lingers around human and they never got offended with us.. but sometimes, we just dun realize that we may harm cat's feelings sometimes huhu... anyway, its really sweet coz our prophet Muhammad had so much love about cats 2 :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't care

I used to spoil my English language, feeling so nerve-break when people speak to me, now i know, that i need to expose myself within the use of language instead of the pressure sphere (race), ever since i have exposed myself through writing, i know that no one can stop us from expressing the ceaseless thought in our mind except the spectacular laze hiss. 
I am really looking forward for a job right now, even though as a writer and poet do not make so much money, but i believe, the satisfaction of expression in a black & white is the top of everything which finally will be rewarded. 

Watching Literature piece via Movies

Its really nice and rattling interesting to watch few movies in DIVA channel of Astro. i just watched Nora Robert's Angels fall at 3 o'clock in the morning. As we know, Nora is a famous writer nowadays mainly places thriller genre in her novel writing. Not only that, the reason why i love and keen about this channel is because the elements of the channel is really make us feel in the heath of literature. Movies from English region, so brilliant with those heritage of English history and grotesque building.
As a benlian, what i can say is that there are so many ways that literature can be an interesting rather than a boredom piece - novel. Make it into movies, people will watch and absorb the visual ability of this kind of media, whilst a piece of novel has a different tale to tell, its more about driving one's conscious mind into a journey of ceaseless expression of laconic language.
Writers for certain, find their satisfaction through the expressive language and hoping that their pieces are to be shared through writing with their readers' unspoken mind... well, i got to say it frankly, i rather watch than read, and as a price for that, I have to write ! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My DetERmiNaSI

the truth about myself? i'm lazy and play loads with emotion via literature... i realized that i have determination to pursuit a master but my CGPA is not that good, i should have hardworking ever since i'm in the first year, but yeah its true that what happen today is a way that we have chosen in the past.
i'm into sarcastic writing, but when it comes to technical, i'm a dying rose. 
i have so much dream about doing my master, but where is on earth that could accept me, arrghh.. 
i have such determination that if i cud be given a chance to do a master, its the only way to improve my lifetime language skills and to detach my laze. 
but Allah knows what my future like, maybe in a way that we hardly discover, when you realized that our chance is in the secluded heath... 
oh, by the way, my mind is messy rite now with the zealous dream ever, striving the endeavor wouldn't do anything...just hoping that i could find a job that could use fully mind of me...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Prose 3 - Love

It is the passion that loves born with. No more true and no more false love. But it was planted in the chivalry and promiscuous love. This is love, the nature of its creation. It is all about dominant and submissive. Sex? It’s a part of love that requires sense of crude energy. Nevertheless it creates the solemn of the darkest side within human. Love thus is not bloodshed of desire. In a typical way, love could engage the mist which is armed with rising climax of peaceful soul. I do love the way love represents itself. So free so boundless with the sphere of chastity. It sucks all the energy in every dimensions of life.
Neither lesbian nor gay could ever challenge the utmost true and straight love. But how could such love appears? Love is blind, that is what people always perceive, and one thing is yet to be dig and harvested – the nature of love itself. Again, love is not the bloodshed of desire. Neither man nor woman could express their callous desire through love. How can love create chaotic cauldron of fickle outrage expression – of course, the ultimate nationalism and stray cult. It nevertheless crack the mind and tore the soul if love is not streamed to the right and purport into the right channel that is the one and only souls' lover - Divine Allah.
By Ainn S.

prose 2 - beauty

It is no more than a look, the passion burning in the ace of the unknown creates dynamic for the beholder. Beauty, nevertheless is the most up warding through the hybrid mortification that drives the human to become more legitimate on the unfair matter. Morphine is what beauty gives with, solely true in the bizarre supernova creation that let every single of gender to describe them through the affection of desire and lust. Beauty is naked and obscene creature, it gives an utmost mesmerize and even abstractly fall in love. Full in enough beauty is the most killable oblivious mortal in changing mind through the lust of soul.
Yes, indeed soul has lust for it to survive, the lust for searching the ethereal comforters, the lust for searching the innate desire, the lust for searching the last long enigma. Which shines the effervescent shrubbery of reverie, with neither haze nor wind blew the gulp of ambience for sentient to grow, shines the emotions to a fresh hope, describes the love OF beauty.
Beauty won’t limit the beholders and prescribers, beauty is gay and beauty is fey. The flay journey that beauty takes into the world of unknown – clairvoyance drowned the insider to be faded in greenery mode. No soul could implicate in the light of the weighty beauty. Haters and lovers meet in the bridge of beauty to fond with the lust of beauty in the eyes of the nemesis. The bona fide beauty is yet to be the freezer of all indulgence makers certainly to challenge human and creator’s beauty as a verdant covetousness. To be what a sanction could do is therefore undeniable.
Beauty shed the life to be a furious mist that fins beneath the alley of Eden. Not to be enlighten but to be engraved by the beauty itself which abloom the desire of being abashed by the harlot beauty. Beauty is to describe the hindsight of the ruthless malignant affliction of the soul. It calms and it comforts, drown us like down in the milestone, full of life-sapping, avid and spread us zephyr. That is beauty in the beauty that owns us sacred of the largest feelings beyond the wynd of soul.
By Ainn S.

prose 1 - world

World goes round and around through the heir of the ancestors, nevertheless hoping the verdict went through the sublime time by splitting the vast malady. Evolving the nature thus concludes from the antebellum human society in nurturing the immense descendants of the earth. Whilst talking and whispering one another in the bushes of intellectual and psychoanalytical mind, conscious or unconscious and even part of it. Nothing good to be compared, with the Harlequin of the supreme man and the fishmonger of the street cane, world now are at the equal echelon.
The essence of life certainly extracted from the rose shed of the lair actions of these social creatures. Nonetheless, the man of society solicit solemnly solely submit his mind to the head of the bogus God’s vanity. A pledge with a maker creates the rule of the sea nation which an angel claims to be scared and threatened of. Words that keep in record will be guaranteed by in the end you will be set off record. Two faces slam the target upon the zenith lower the sky which they are belongs to thus the abstractly truth is beyond as what quantum of the phantom succors is.
A doom looming takes them up against the nature and human and creation that create the zealous counting of the days where jovial shape will be no more love, silent will be no more peace and two hands will be no more as one. That is what the world is all about the corner, when think off the on sight graving the light of corral zooming to their life.
Yellow rain floating the ace of the sun, circum through the mountain, bridging the gap of the tight air, no more breath and no more heath. Blue spec enlightened by the war at ease, never did show how the sky stops at the lower rancor among the rules of higher man in row, no more tentacles, no more obstacles. Red is huge with the tiny hope that all will be fine, all will be fine, in drawing the nation into one love, even violet spreads its wing to the utmost solace in fighting no more rage, no more vain and no more besiege by the blind man’s mind.
By Ainn.S

Bleeding roses 2010

Bleeding roses

It grows with vein and ruthless care…

I stood among the bushes of sleepless night,

Not my world to hurt you as well as mine.

It takes all obstacle and drops of evil…

I stare at the window waiting for you to come back,

Return at my shadow being during the stormy days.

It soaks all tears and sadness of craving earth…

I have love that is uneasy to describe like a rain drop,

Indeed your armor shows how much you love and care.

It yearns all gracious of every hope in this world…

I feel you in my bed and wishing night dream,

So beautiful and so helpless beneath by breathless heath.

Indeed it’s symbol the jovial shape of a being…

love to you like a froths that shiver within the killing heat,

Your love is like an empty frame that fills those roses thorns.

You make the sun drop its shine through my body,

Leave me a way,

Abloom in those tiny spaces of lush vista,

With these bleeding roses. The laden love.

Love that is count 2010

Love that is count

I love you as I spend the rest of my keenness life.

You are what you are…

Being fragile in every step that takes us off.

I love as much as the confession of the lovers’ infinite desire.

I am what I am…

Love you so as the bouquet of roses petals.

In the gallery of your untie soul,

Seeking you within me, the inexplicable beauty…

Searching the love in you, the unfathomable feels that I have,

Is the Love that counts…

The friendship roots 2010

The friendship roots

Dear love dear unbreakable soul,

Rare but different that solemnly thoughtless,

Why would you wish if the sun has meets us both?

What would you do if the mist breaks the soul?

When would you think before we meant for each other?

How would you grasp the love between days and nights that evolve?

Dear love dear untouchable heart,

I would have known you if I wish it was true,

Soul that laughs, smiles and weeps…

We are stick in one root of soul --- the friendship tie.

Dear love dear fragile soul,

Forgive me if I done so much flaw in the reluctance tingle.

Love me as you could, love you as I would.

hold the sturdy lines that will never break the hours…

Of you and me, as one for all.

The friendship roots thus behold us from fell apart,

Where we are what the nature calls – the ardor bond.

One of the nights that i have with you 2010

One of the nights that I have with you

Love of the night… that is what I call you,

The rapturous beauty of you,

Makes me grow in the wild-flowed river.

Love of my life, perhaps it could be…

No farewell would I say to u,

The lips of the angel… that is what u were made of,

Fills my love in the voluptuous chaotic raging mind.

But no more baby… you are all yet a part of what I have.

I love you for what your soul is.

Come into me and lies your love between and beneath me and you,

When the sky high could witness the scalp of the hornet petals.

One of the nights that I have with you,

You shelter me within the unbreakable imagery of my homeless soul.

One of the nights that I spent with you,

You rupture my raging thought and break the silent of my solemnly soul.

One of the nights that I love you,

It is when I awake the dreams of breathing within the veils of your door.