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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Prose - When Voice & Words Sound their Affections

Sometimes it  is worth typical when words may sound, voice may ejaculate. When two strangers are at mills away, but the heart is at near, you may want to ask no more the sky is the limit.

Every pause you make, every air you move between breathen words, will totally move someone up and down. For every conversation line, there will be always a hidden world which we may seen it to be misplaced.

Not the same when it was a summer day and a winter night, because all you need is above the lines.

The missing words that keep the collage and between those puzzles, those that will replace the feelings beyond emotions that may come after the unforgiven desire.

When the sky lies the moon and the stars in between us, that's when you know Love and bless is all we need.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

D for Desire

It lingers beyond pristine. 
Begging the hands of love. 

It takes over passion.
Reaching the heart of faith.

It heeds beneath soul. 
Cracking the core of life.

It speaks within you and me.
Waiting as our love become one. 

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Prose - When I Have Your Sight

When I have your sight to view.see.linger your beauty,
Those ashes drown with the love of your song. 
Years after years, what comes undone is our eternity,
It's you, the one with wrong. 

I love you like the chain of a reaction,
Saw you in the dark with the sky of non-age.
So tactical and so emotion,
Begging for your inner rage.

As when we lay on the bed of heath,
You light me up to against those sinful,
When irises of ours lean on those heat,
That's when we pray to the God of merciful.   


Monday, March 25, 2013

Poem - The Past For The Future

When life moves on
Everyone cares...
No one hails but each one says :
I want this,
I deserve this,
This and that become blurry till the end,
Each one says :
I have lost my families,
I have left my friends,
I have bygone by Mr. Materialism
so what do I left now with ?
The humble questioned :
what have I done to the future
while the arrogant part of me never tried to sustain the past ?
Questions, injected doubtless in puzzle.
Whereby the answers remained the same by God.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prose - The Eternity

There is a mercy towards the sky where love begins it's world. The star shuts and the moon wades, Eve doesn’t know how love works, unspoken. It was only when her honesty breaks the silent and lean against all odds. The strength that she have can never be compared with the armour shields. With those white skin of nature's gift, she strides across the numerous steps and detours, fearless with mount of endeavour. There she sings:
My eyes break the ail,
Shines through the triumph,
I will never meet my love,
Thus for Eternity it could be ?
Oh mount of Heaven,
Thy skin safe as haven,
When the sun burns my way,
The rain pours me it's mercy bay.
She wears the hope that any men wish it would be, or the silent that every killing hours could carry of. There she is, ambience in within, to enlighten those words of doubt – giving up. It was the first cut when she got to know things within sight, within realities. All that she have fought for was one and only – eternity. Yes, she would want it as much as everyone wishes it. The eternity brings joy for those who perish the steps to the heaven. She met him in years ago, in the sight of resentful decades. With the rings of witness and words that strengthen the chant, which makes her smile, unstoppable when days lead away the tear’s seconds. 
When clouds flare the shadow of the sun, she wakes in a ruthless heart that life could not imagine of. There she hardly prays to the sky, seeking the miracle of life that could bring her love in, into her arms. She draw the line, where she lights the fire to flame all the highway just to ignite the soul within. Soon she flies with those feet on the ground while holding onto the cloud, just to chase -  the Eternity.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

16 Jan 2013 - Work limited

Work ? Career ? Not a big difference. It's humane and if there was not effort, you're gone. To work in one of the foreign bank it's not an easy chance. God heard my intention why I want to work. All you need to do is to have those funny hocus pocus poker face to focus in what we do. Its been a year (almost), now I gotta know my strenght and my weakness and I'm goin to have it all organized. I felt I have taken all for granted. And that's not a good thing, for all this while and I am going to put my new year resolution as something that I can ponder and smile upon. Something that is beautiful, to be dreamt of. Positive has it stories. I have to have that to keep my survive, having anguish and negative will always make it worst. I KNOW BUT I STILL DO IT - the basic foundation of human. I gotta try my best ! Good luck Ainn! U go girl!
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Prose - Hold You Still

Knowing you is about reaching myself. I wrote you up to the sky above, for me to crave all the time that we spent together. Hearts afraid that I could lose you, with those fadeless emoticon, I wish it could go, scarless. Under my skin, I felt it beyond our shelter. Every pieces of you, I know it is in my silent verbena. There is nothing more that I heed, but hold on to you still.
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