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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prose - The Eternity

There is a mercy towards the sky where love begins it's world. The star shuts and the moon wades, Eve doesn’t know how love works, unspoken. It was only when her honesty breaks the silent and lean against all odds. The strength that she have can never be compared with the armour shields. With those white skin of nature's gift, she strides across the numerous steps and detours, fearless with mount of endeavour. There she sings:
My eyes break the ail,
Shines through the triumph,
I will never meet my love,
Thus for Eternity it could be ?
Oh mount of Heaven,
Thy skin safe as haven,
When the sun burns my way,
The rain pours me it's mercy bay.
She wears the hope that any men wish it would be, or the silent that every killing hours could carry of. There she is, ambience in within, to enlighten those words of doubt – giving up. It was the first cut when she got to know things within sight, within realities. All that she have fought for was one and only – eternity. Yes, she would want it as much as everyone wishes it. The eternity brings joy for those who perish the steps to the heaven. She met him in years ago, in the sight of resentful decades. With the rings of witness and words that strengthen the chant, which makes her smile, unstoppable when days lead away the tear’s seconds. 
When clouds flare the shadow of the sun, she wakes in a ruthless heart that life could not imagine of. There she hardly prays to the sky, seeking the miracle of life that could bring her love in, into her arms. She draw the line, where she lights the fire to flame all the highway just to ignite the soul within. Soon she flies with those feet on the ground while holding onto the cloud, just to chase -  the Eternity.


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