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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Momentous Moments - 4.11.11 Mama Chops Papa Grills*

Hehehe...*belum pape dah hehe* MashAllah, I had a great dinner moment last night with my family except abuya... *nama baru papa* LOL. anyway, actually we *I mean me* were planned to go to Black Canyon Restaurant at Jusco Au2 *because of the nice food and best service* pelayan yang tak sombong... ;) but emm something has came up and with me, tired *I missed my lunch* well... we, my mom, 2 sisters and my only brother decided to go to the nearest out bizarre prima sri gombak which has so many food cuisine like rodeo stick house, mama chops papa grills, coffee box, old town white coffee, ani sup utara, sekinchan ikan bakar, nasi ayam penyet, tutti fruitti, ice room, bariani house, steamboat and E.T.C... sounds interesting huh :P so yeah there we went , the green signage of papa chops mama grills... creepy from it sounds, the manager I guess its arabs *maybe that's y* but a relief, as long as we know and confidence that it is halal... its really delicious mashAllah, with the steak and so on :P I have ordered *crazily* 2 boils of salads mixture and chicken *macam tak leh buat plak* hahaha... well, alhamdulillah for all the ni'mah HE has granted us all... ;) maybe next time la black canyon tue huhuhu...

Funny Moment : When I asked my Mum:"Ma, which one you want? papa or mama?" finally mama take papa*beef* LOL 
No picture, coz full table with hands ! guess the meaning LOL.

Tomorrow is Eid InshAllah... I pray that all jemaah in Mekah have their safe trip back to Malaysia and attain Haji Mabrur InshAllah :) Family and I, one day inshAllah.

Friday, November 4, 2011

coming... Eidul Adha 6.11.11

Every Muslim around the world will be celebrating Eidul Adha this coming 6.11.11 insyAllah... I'm getting into the mood and yeah I can still recall those moments when I got a chance to witness the baqarah to be slaughtered during last year eid... It was so powerful that the moment I saw that happened in front of my eyes, I feel so thankful to Allah  and speechless when I see the loving animal, its not an empathy as I believe, this is the contribution/korban... and the meaning itself is not sufficient only to describe the slaughtering stuff... It's about how each muslim could have a responsibility to contribute the ummah, for me, Eiduladha is more towards self awareness, responsibiltity and Eidulfitri is more towards the gratitude to Allah s.w.t for all the ni'mah :) 
Planning ? Stay at homey, going out with family for the Saturday *halfday*, Sunday plus Monday. I'm still waiting for the payday *hopefully is today*

Will update more soon...
*Wish everyone Jumaat Mubarakah and Have a pleasant weekend with loved ones*

Trance Songs - Beats for *Kemas Rumah and Lazy-induce Songs*

The trance beats are so lively and make us to be so energized when we are in the mood of laziness in something like cleaning your house and perhaps jogging exercises. *sigh* These are some of the songs that I would like to share here :-

1. Edward Maya - Desert Rain

2. Alexandra Stan - Show me the way

3. Alexandra Stan - Get Back (a.s.a.p)

4. Akcent - That's my name

5. Adrian Sana - Hold On

Prose - Hope on Missing Puzzles

Hope deludes and alludes, it walks as the one that I hold on to... like a street that  craves for a steps. The passion indeed isn't something that would cascade itself. It never prolong the wish that everyone has upon it, merely the lives... I had a wish and I have a hope in which both of these, are like me and you. And... As I hold on to this life, seeing you is a hope that I can flares towards my freighter eyes, thinking of you as a bizarre chivalrous dream that I could ever have. I wish I could spell the wish on those hopes of you...  flawless.perfect.undoubtful. I love the way the tree sways it's when the wind goes by, feels like a dream that will be come true aside of those vertical horizon hitherto it makes me believe. It could be the lyrics in beating those ruthless vendetta, with those lines that dire the peace. And I know, someday somehow over the clover leaves of thunder, you will be there because you are the missing puzzles.  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Poem - A Song of My Heart

I love thee...
Without a charm and a hope,
because I know, God is the only resort that I turn myself in,
in loving you... with all my heart.
Indeed  you are the song of my heart,
that chills, laughs, smiles beyond others' solemnity.
A song that fulls with bash lyrics upon the land of vicinity. 
I never felt this way,
Loving you is all I need.
The night is the shelter of a bright moon,
that yearns the light of a poor delusions. 
As I hope, I know you by the memories of God...
that you lain in my peaceful heart.
I wish I could love you,
like a celestial star that hid upon thousands moon. 
Someday I know, those hiss of love that I have for you...
will be sent down by HIM, the one and only.
for me to meet you in Jannah.

Kinda like the beat of this trance song :) enjoy !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prose - Red Sky .and. Vanilla Sleeve – Myth of a Loving Kind

Watching the drizzling day was like a day of a captured flash, with an extrovert of inner spree. I got to whittle every written songs in my friends’ lyrics, full with established connotation, with unsightly legitimacy, more likely are people loathe of ‘around the bushes’. Red seems to be a crimson color that I could define as a limitless ablaze and aflame zeal of one’s heart, it keeps yearning and deepening the sphere of lusty virtue. One day, I got to see her, wearing a vanilla sleeves… heading towards the hall of books mansion, carrying those mind of her. All she wanted is to be free, like I do… Indeed, a short meeting last forever, I hope. She is one of a kind that God grants to be someone, the loving kind I depict, the smart born I delineate. “Nice to meet you”… Indeed was the first word that she has ever said to me after 5 years living in the orb of English studies. The red sky was the name that I gave her, before we were set apart… Not because of the burning ardor that she has brought, but merely the spirit of courage that a woman could ever bring it, in view of my lurid sight, merely is.  She walks through the wind, through the rage that can never hurt her will and hope… that’s even an odd to describe this peculiarity. I remember the story of The Black Cat by Poe, indeed is so spectacular and out of the blue repulsion. Those walls and bricks that ever built in this rash that we have… merely for us two. Well, I could have murdered the intellectualism that she brought along her way to the edge of grandeur. I sigh. Upon the deliverance of a young man who proclaimed to love her as she is, neither promises nor dying words of oath would be kept in the end. I deem, undoubtless. There goes vanilla sleeve, my other shoulder’s hope, one that God grants her to be the goddess of beauty in my voluptuous vista after my God and family. My first word to her sweet bash sight, merely was ‘hi, how are you?”… She brought all the jaw-breaker and becoming one the blue night that my eyes could have ever had. It was once; we lay in the bed together, like a young angel, caught up in each other giggles and smiles. Those hallow moments, pushes me beyond the one and only… sweetest dream in her arms.  She’s the fire while I’m the copse that she could burn anytime… I question it within my solemn bale voice of wondering hearts. She would leave me, one day, not now but anon, in the saccharine dearth. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prose - Beauty Walker

There was a day... when I start walking in the ruthless blocks of sight.view.panoramic skies. Its like the road not taken, I suppose. Indeed there is a beautiful love story that I speak with the clouds of love that drift me away, far away... like the perfume that drives me upon your beauty. There are lots to tell and speak about beauty. It has no subject but merely the objective of achieving it. That's beyond what we always known as deceiving beauty. All the memories and joy meant to bond in the shelter of a love hunter.  Alas, I need you as much as you will need me in the those frameless time. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prose - The Prodigy of Missing Pieces in Love

Hardly to describe, honestly... God knows, better indeed. Human is so imperfect that no one can understands.ponders.wanders upon someone's intentions of love. Trust me, when I go to sail the sea of love, beyond necessity, you could find, each one of us is different.odd.peculiar in loving towards each other. Like a sword craves to be lain on a bona-fide shoulders. I would want to love somebody like that, but the real fact of this temporary life, we can never get over God's love... yeah, He's the only one who deserves that loads of misses and loves towards our loved ones. When I mentioned about bringing God into the love of two people, it means whatever we feel, will always turn out something, depends. If we love somebody merely of his/her appearance.sexiness.hotness then we will get the errand of a bad turn out, if it's merely for one and only HIM, then everything would be turn out just perfect.enviless.without hatred and jealousy, all clean. Again, we are all in the midst of imperfectness, for heaven is our pluperfect city, for eternity we will be meeting God. Love indeed impersonates the feelings of the beholder, regardless of a storm and a sun dry, it will always be there, incarnates to be the flower in the oasis. Those brittle and blatant sphere of its own, will never be decease and dissipate the true love of Eden. Well, perhaps I should enamored the passion and lease the mind that always allude in those lurid sight of a rash emoticon. There will be always missing pieces in love, foregone with wynd of soul, a hiss with the iridescent shutters of life. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Momentous Moments - Post-Convo Shoot with Friends

Well... it was Sunday. Robe returning day actually. We were having some photographic moments in most 'towns' of UIA, we went to Rectory Building, Library, Dell and last at Azman Hashim Complex. I was so happy indeed and can't get out of my head when I started to recall the moments of enjoying the pose plus jumping. It was a hot sunny sunday and I have almost wet my turquoise kurung... man, I guess I was in the heat of bountiful happiness day hehehe :D It was infact our day... Wanek, Ana, Husna, Hamim, Jannah, Aini, Fara, Sue and me plus Yan *last session*.  
It was a 'bit' crowded in the robe room but yeah it was not bad as the day of collecting the robe ! 
All the pictures  were taken perfectly masyAllah... :) credited to my special friend a.k.a ladygrapher Wanek <3 Thanx a mill. and indeed it was really a sweet moment to have you for the post convo shooot *exceptionally intrigued by your spirit and enthusiasm*... :)
I got to meet my roomates during matriculation IIUM, Ab and Mul.. :) missing them !
Hopefully this moment will last until we all get married *hehe* :D 
These are some of the moments : -

our Ladygrapher :D

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Cute Card from A Beautiful Lady

Just after I pay mom a visit, I went to uia, visiting my special friend *my benl senior who is actually doing her master*. We were having talk, chat and so on, its been a long time I didn't meet her *whatever*... We 'r just met in the bustop, coz its getting late, but we can see that many cars were around and saw some graduates having night photoshoot at the rector building *favourite spot of mine*. She gave me a cute card *convo congratulate* , a mini russian chocolate,a key chain *ain* and a hug hehehe :D   Thank Q. !! Can't wait to see your master's convo yeayyy !

 Its really cute !!! LOL... t.Q Sana'

Visiting Mom

Its Wedensday, October 12. Night after 7pm, I went to pay a visit for mom and brought her blouse, tissues and scarf. Its the day she has done with the knee therapy and small operation of inserting the tiny camera into her knee. Doctor had to inject her back spine for sedative, she mentioned how she felt at the moment : felt like dying, everything went numb... sedative is strong tho. Its scared me ! For right now, she is still on the bed of PUSRAWI. Hopefully she could discharge today. Indeed my cat go bonkers without my mom ... Ya Allah, release her pain as You are the only who heals. Ameeeen

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.10.11 - Momentous C-DAY

Under the sky light, this is the moment when I got to open up myself to be proud.ego.arrogant that me.friends.strangers will stride the chiming hallway of CAC. No feelings can I depict, it is merely an elation of a day where you can feel the nerves are witnessing this to be happened.  There are so much adore, booming and it’s like a vibe that running through the rivers of borne. To the red altar we shall land ourselves.
 My mom and my sister... yang telah ditinggalkan seorang diri. huahua :P

termasam muka ke papa ? hahaha

That day was an eventful for me and the rest of my friends, too bad that I don't bring along my mobile phone into the hall LOL. My parents weren't around for as I believe they will pray for my smoothness in my walk of taking the scroll *manage to snap a pic with them*, my sister was... there for me, she's the youngest one in my family, never thought she would agree to be the audience on that day alone *thought of this would be teaching her to become more independent* anyway, Im not that cruel and that's why I asked her to sit with Aini's parents... hehe kan Cik Aini? 
This is the successful independent 15 years old lady - my youngest sister :) Thank you for been there for me :D

I was lining up myself with Sarah Khairuddin (junior), Salina (junior), Siti fatimah, Hamim, Qayyim, and my badminton lover Hajar in the 17th row, it was amazing to have Kak Ani, to manage our rows, OMG, I gotta tell you she is really professional, she 'fix' my head cover, she take cares of Hajar parents who are going to be late to enter the hall, my she's the best, although she seems 'garang', she is delightly responsible... We are so happy that we got female rector for the Day, Dato' Dr. Zaleha Ismail. Everyone was pleased to see her on that day, receiving the scrolls, having a handshake *for all this while are male rectors I think* so its our row turn to 'dive' into a pool of nerves breaking uwaaa... we met Kak Ida, our former DELL lady - everyone's favourite. we have took some of the pics by the committee, I was blinked my eyes to the audience in an almost reach up the staircase, I saw Miss Aishah, the sweetest lecturer, she managed to take a snap of us :) 
Was taken by Miss Aishah :)

Wow.. it was my turn, I had my smile towards Dr. Zaharah Pilus as well as Dr. Maskanah, *I can tell my face can't stop smiling* even towards the representative of kuliyyah ... I got to turn my posture to the audience once I touch the blue book, kachinggg ! kiss Dr.Zaleha's hands and Thnx hehe... there I went, stride slowly like a female model hahaha... It was freaking nervous Oh my... huuuu :P there goes my breath away. As I sat, I was like, oh my, I wana do it again, standing in front of the audience and smile the whole world. Its end up with the presentations of Bachelor Degree's Sociology and Pyschology. I was looking for my sister in the hot burning crowd.. Aini and Fara gave me a cute roses.. I cud only met Bieha, Has, Febrina, Nawal and so many but I didn't get to meet my wonderful VIP friends Wanek, Husna, Jannah, Ida, and the rest huhuhu. I hope I will see them again Inshallah... Oh my, I was kept on flushing my sweat in the robe, but thank god, I have my attar as my whole day savior hehe. I guess I broke my heels hahaha... So me and my sister went to the toilet, took off everything the hood and the hat, just to release my heat... I can't help myself, the heat was boiling in me, and at last, ruthless peace in my head - severe headache for the whole day !
In a severe headache + hotness of a day *zul kat belakang* LOL

So we sat in the cold frigidity of rector building *my spot actually*. We sat and snap some sweet pics at the comfortable temp. So we waited till my dad came and fetched me after his long way turn from PUSRAWI. 
The last snappy snap before leaving UIA.

Later at that night, I managed to drive and pay my mom a visit after a long peaceful nap with a lil headache and fever... We had a night tale before she went to sleep. Shafakillah Ya ummi, innAllaha Maaki. :)

That's for now. :)

Prose - Silence Of Blue

"I'm sorry that your intended isn't me... Its not that I no longer care but I feel like a burden you cannot bear." As my heart replies : When the whining hearts and the chiming sphere know what we need.desire.crave in this life of you and me, I suppose the sky will not meet us two over one year and perhaps never ago. If a word of sorry did mean a lot to you, I wanted you to know, dear soul, it's merely a mayhem mist of a sorrow in the edge of my eyes. If a word of love doesn't mean anything to you, I wanted you to know, dear soul, it's a beauty mist of a splendiferous verve in the edge of my eyes. I'm in love, it is blue and full with beauteous shadeless heron. I wish you could love me like a cupid of soul, like a love hunter knowing what soul's desire for. Materialism will always a burden to my soul but not your smiles, your touches, your stares, your loving kind and your utmost love to HIM. I have love, a million that stand in the crest of my soul... but as much as I need a penny love, I need your love like a celestial star that ever come in thousands of life, that is so typical.peculiar.odd that would ever brings me a fearless rainbow into my blissful life. 

It was my second time, my thoughts, my mind; my nerves are still having their verves on you. I try to call them but still I want you in my bed of roses, lie down with my sorrow, kiss in my hallow, fall in my harrow. You are so beautiful that even my sacrosanct hands can never feel your body. I never want to see your tears in those gloomy cloud summers; neither wants to feel your desire in those shallow harlequins that needed me to miss your love in me. I want you as I want the freedom in my bricks of colloid beating heart.  Maybe, it was me; I didn’t see you are leaving. When you walked away, even if that’s the second time, I still want you though it’s hurt. In the middle of a night where all giant sky hunts a shelter from the beyond cloud, I saw you, while I’m feeling blue, always thinking about you… It was only when, I decided to set a fire into yours, when you could feel my warmth, love, longing, devotions and affections that making me to call your name, every night, in my sleepless bed. I watch it pour down the hill of solemn, as I touch your sweet face with a sore smile, that’s the day when I leave you with the love that I have set in your tender heart and soul. Indeed the space between us is nothing but a sea of affection. As you open the door of your love’s curtain, my heart stop beating and tenderly goes beyond into a dream that wishing you and me will be free as one. 

My favourite song ever : Leona Lewis's Its All For You
 Enjoy :D

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fun Saturday & Sunday

Today would be the first day for IIUM 27th Convocation day. So my sister and I decided to go out to look for my Convo Baju Kurung and scarf and shawl and shoes. Its really tiring tho. We went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju, Wangsa Walk (only having the 'each a cup', some gadget)... We were about to watch a movie, but emmm... nothing interesting at ALL. lol.  I love the pose that we have at takashima's car, merely the sport car and not the fat burning treadmill hahaha... that's funny. And I cudn't find anything there. Oh my..

Peach Smoothies + pearl and Lover Fruit Yogurt + pearl  : Each a Cup, Wangsa Walk

My future car... chewah :P 

 my sister *the youngest in our family* I'm young too okay ! heheehe Peace yawww....... :P

Haloooo :P smileeeez 

Last Station would be Giant, I couldn't find mine too... LOL. I decided to have our dinner at Rasamas.. man, it felt like I don't know what I'm looking for.

Ternganga den :P My white coffee from Rasamas Giant Batu Caves.... while waiting for our Nasi Ayam Percik and Coleslaw. whoooshhh :P

Jam baru Siti Hajar.... huahuahua :P

Today is Sunday... and I have got up at 9 sth, decided to buy my Baju Kurung at Selayang Mall, by myself as usual hehe. :P Looking here and there, finally I found one at Peace Collection, same color, exactly like my convo attire - robe :P. Its baju kurung modern , blue turquoise and have some embroidery on it... I love it !

Finally, my cream shawl and shoe. I have bought them around selayang, my shawl was placed in the middle of  the PASAR... man, I don't understand why did it happen that way. Sometimes, I can't deny a place named pasar is better than any boutique or any prestige shoppe.. But I'm glad I've found one. :D  My shoes, was found in Yebeng..... hehehe. :P Its black with ribbon, 2 inch high. Fine. Alhamdulillah :D

I'm so nervous tomorrow... But I'm so happy, so thankful to Allah, for making this into reality, I could be somebody else, but I'm so proud to be one of IIUM degree graduates, im happy for my friends and all that. But yeah, no flower tomorrow pun its okay *dah pokai sikit* hahaha yeah weeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

That's for today, my diary... I'll upload some of the convo photos later.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prose – The Sweetest Love of you and me

I call it love the moment my vista rest with peace in your hazel eyes. I call it love the moment your eyes retort the amorous kind of me. I call it love the moment I stride out your verve just to miss you higher than peak, deeper than ocean because I know all I wanted is you. I call it love the moment you pace in my doors of heart, you release it as I won’t have any zeal to hate. I call it love when I see your smiles like a sun rises beyond my callous sight. I call it love the moment you held my hand neither with a stroke nor sex because I know this is the purest love when we have our God as the ultimate one. I call it love the moment you touches my lips, hold my arms with your immense debonair halo words. I call it love when you kiss me with your compassionate heart. I call it love the moment you and I realize that we need us. I call it love the moment you call my name, without qualm, without doubt but with saccharine, with sweet voices of angel that I could ever have heard of. I call it love as I never stop to loving you like an antebellum paramour. I call it love the moment you reach up the sky and pray the love that we have. I call it love for the first and the last breathe because we are the love for the eternity.  

Prose – The World of Unfair Sanity

When I saw a kid with lack of food in her tummy, thin.slim.energiless I regard. I never knew how to describe this creoles ail that she is carrying while her sight beyond my attention. The lengthy road and the upper hill as louver houses lining themselves into their holes, world is unfair for those helpless soul and crude innocents lives. I should have said: my Lord, I have what I need, but them… The empathy sensational loiters through my soft driving hands when again, I gazed my bashful eyes at the lady with a kid in her kindred barehanded, sleet to the bus that full of merciless dire odor murk. I wonder, world is full of deceit and sweet dismal love… The eye that feels, the heart that flows can never thrash the suffocating breathe in the pluperfect dashing cobalt sky of heavens. All I can articulate is merely: Lord will always has merciful on you, my worldly brotherhood. Life free to struck any lives it wants, from the blatant north to the illustrious south, beyond fragile west to the frail east. All I want is stillness.serene.unruffled heath of roses land that fills with sweet bashful adore vapor of chivalrous lust.  

Prose – A Walk of the Ruthless Hurt

I stroll through this life, which enchanted by your beauty.beauteous.pluperfect emotions. Each sight that I kept in me, I blaze it in the storm where I can’t let you go.walk.fade away from my pleasing love that I had and have for you. When the roses abloom like it used to be, you are someone’s and mine, I believe. As I held those youth of mine and yours, I never stop dreaming about you and me, on the bed, full of wishful verbena when we started to lay our love to the moon that stares us night, kiss our passion to the celestial stars that was so good to be true, we crawled up the hill when the blue night shun it’s drape to unveil our fervor vista. Now, here we are… distance apart, million miles away, break by the wall of envious dungeon. And I know, there would be one day when we get back together, swim in the shores of love that leer my mind over the unfathomable ocean. You are the mirror of life, that brings the gerund league and brisk. I can never compare you to the splendor of mars and venus, that speak your lexis, sensation and wits. Like a paper thin, I would want to live with a piece of desire and untouchable arms that grip your hope on me. As I wanted to live without your shadeless silhouette, your arms indeed didn’t impede from breaking my brittle heart because I discern.believe.deem that this is a walk of the ruthless hurt.

Prose - Your Love is My Life

As I walk.stroll.stride into your world, I could sense.intuit.divine the gap that we have, the strange sphere that we get through, that is when I know we were meant to be together, forever. As I see.glimpse.envisage things in your eyes, to save the last flight out, my breathe ponder upon the phrase of your verbose line :"I need you and I love you like no one else"... I never thought you are the one that I'm gona fall into, and I wish the starlight could leave me the venus to answer my love towards you, my love. I wana be with you like a paramour, like a roseate sky that needs its blue heath. It's just a frosty dream that I have drown.deluge.drench into, as I know you are my shield when I was weak, you are my cheers when the envious tears burn me the whole day, you are my smiles that lingers around my arms and warmth barenaked passion. I wana kiss your breathing air that has loved me unconditionally, I wana kiss your pellucid.lucid.guiltless path to where you go and belong, I wana kiss your splendiferous sight that stares me a wondrous hope and I wana kiss your line of words that calm me when I was in a ruin of emotionless sensation.commotion.furor. I wish I could believe and I wish I could lay my viscus beyond your beautiful.pulchritudinous.ravishing heartbeat and lean my sights towards your drearless.wholesome.innocuous arms because when you said that you love me, I know that your love is saving me...

Interesting song from The Saturdays - Missing You

Friday Night Outing

Unplanned outing indeed... was going out to Jusco Au2 with my sweet friends, Aini and Fara... I finished my job at 7pm and went to UIA to fetch them at sumayyah. And yeah, I saw this big camp tent were lined up at the parking space in front of Convest Hill, I was like ok... this is fun. :)

Soon we arrived Jusco Au2, we have our dinner at The Chicken Rice shop, it was my first time and the price wasn't bad and we got some shots for the dishes *habit* hehehe lol. It was a long night i guess because there were wedding exhibition happened here, we were so mesmerized by the gorgeous muslimah dress, all were awesome, with those veil and niqab for wedding ? man... i have to marry an arabs *but not the one yang berserban* LOL.

Well, its I-city in Jusco Au2, with all those tree lights, leaves shun like a comet spree. we love it no doubt, awesome. We went to MR. DIY, a great place to shoppe unique things <3

Malu-malu pulak Cik Aini nie... Cik Fara, bagus, posing ,mcm tue... mcm nilah anak 'mak' LOL :P 

Bentuk apa tu? mcm dolphin pun ada hehehe 

Nampak juga signage Jusco au2 ... mehlah dtg lagi :P 

 cantik... love the bluishnessssssss :D

cantik tak?? hehehehe the le-lights ok.. LOL


Ingat kat sini tak leh mandi ker? huahuahua :P 

le-lights in the bushes of be-buluh :P hahaha

We managed to go to the Convest Hill just now, wow, its still crowded with IIU-ans, having the bazaar shoppin spree and I'm so missing it right now. :)

*My spoiler mood today : I've written a half page prose and it went missing just like that ! man... I got to think  more exotic ideas *I mean exotic in a way that is different* ... LOL
Night ! still I'm working on the next interesting prose, definitely need a new song ! :)