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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prose 18 - ThE BoLd sKy

Dear sky, you wall the blue book of pray, whiz out the view and you, the reflections of the oceanary mirrored dreams. Never thought you are the runaway jaunty that bounds all human suffocation, by streaming the rain, luring the air to be cheered by those cloudious birds and envious navy dark shades. You inhale and breath beyond the heath of God's given-curtain of heaven's Eden. You are the fin of the sun, the stage of the celestial moon, the theater of the day and night, and for certain are the hope of what you have held under your naked arms - me and the rest. For every moment and stories that you spell, I feel, I heed upon your wide chest and hex the words of gratitude through those unleash forte sight. With those fragrant of the white foam, your love are lynching on those fortress wings, you are undeniable the greatest invention of the Lord of all, which is fashioned with the passion seasons around all sphere… to the north and west, from the south over the east, I love you like always. For sometimes, you have dropped us the null vista and manic orbs between the hiatus of all mankind, with reason and sanction over the clover’s dead. You are rattling pluperfect with those immaculate panoramic smells of run. Over the times, you are the unalterable bluish lunette that engages the violet hornet and harlequin. There will be a day, I wish to lay my viscus on Coleridge’s dreamy imagination and Wordsworth’s living roses’ saga, that solely will enchanter and cardiac your splendiferous and bona fide of your deem faces in the picturesque blue soul. The bold sky I have named you, on those sheer shoreless masterpiece.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some thoughts to share - A letter to "riot"

He is far worst than natural disaster, natural starvation, natural captivity and losing natural gravity... His name is Riot and the hiss of his endless violence, has seized many rationale minds.

Dear Riot,
Do you know what has mr. Wiki defined you for over the years? You are nothing but a downline of chaotic civil characterized by disorganized groups, lashing out in a sudden (with no rumor of course) and intense rash of violent authority, property or perhaps to people. While some of us may attempt to lead or take control over you, and you are undeniable are typically chaotic and exhibit herd behavior, and usually generated by civil unrest again and over again. 

I do not know whether I should trust you or the people who made you in such condition. Your orbs is everywhere, alluding from the west to the east, and your spot is deluding beyond the north over the south... to flare the bold anger within our sphere, from a simple thing to biggies, from hurts to death, trust me, you really have drowned us with all the destruction and in those fadeless eruptions. So you think you can handle it? with thousands of souls that crave a right for the life? and over million are pay you a  soundless devotion? from different walks of life, well... world doesn't think so. 

I hope you understand, dear riot. You are defined by anti & pro as a color that lavishly confuse and disturb the peacefulness of people who really wants your opponent - democracy with,  hidden VIOLENCE. I guess your opponent has the big title over your snobbish and stuck-up nose. Who sent you by the way ? God will never do that, for sure. Oh I know, now I can simply describe and name you an entity that needs lots and loads of attention over the world and for certain has forced the world to phrase you out loud in their insecure emotions. You are over every places in the world, and known by your stupidity of societal sometimes,  My God, I wish you are not exist, you are so crude and cruel I can tell, indeed you are the element of hatred, inhuman acts, unfair justice, hideous conspiracy of some bogus dictator, for sure I do not have to mention their name, because it will hurt and bleed people who hate you, even more... 

You really did kill people with all your inane actions, and ceaseless emoticon attack with those laconic words of illogical rules. Your pro and anti for right now and this moment, they are killing each other reaction, emotes their anguish over the wide sky and no one can ever stop them right now, what I do really wish is that you will stop to be existed and I wish that no one could ever remember you as a fetid memory of a lifetime history. 

You have made people to stop believing that every place is safe to be lived, well I pay you a priceless hatred for one thing, you really did a good job, terrified our nations with your disastrous emotions. How could you? You are totally beyond imagination and I take this label as a total devour of one's soul has thought of, before you were born again. 

Well, lets talk about your goodness, the one and only. Maybe I should thank you for lifting all nation beyond to be fair, equal and nevertheless clearly floats out the intelligent of people's mind. And not only that, the ruthless flag among the destruction that you have made for so long in those societal lineages, I can tell it works all the time to turn any silly government down to earth and time a moment to lend their ears to a perfect clear view of what the nation yearns and years in their survival skeptics. 

Well, I believe God has mercy on us and will strand your history behind all the way back than to be remembered as a one dark hectic of a blunt pride moment of your life, so long riot...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prose 17 - YouR fadELess faCe

Thousand words of it, perhaps a dungeon underneath the star wide would tell, how much I am so into you. Not a word that you say, not a crush that he gives. It was merely the underneath the restless moon... watching you over the running line, lining through the candle roses. I wish I could cardiac those words, words without promises, how sad it were if it'll keep longer inside this clover heart? I wish it to be all one day, the day that I would phrase my mind over the topless syntactical order, with those tiny rhythm that breathes along your skin, which I could sense those emotional that emote to you was a fey. Yes, its a fey that so true to be existed, between your motionless figure and my hopeless shadow. Breath in and breath out, I passed it out and almost out, we are so creative, I feel so alive within those quantum veracious air, reaching me beyond your fadeless face.

to attain the blessing from Allah and my parents, so I keep on applying

Wow... today is a sunny bright sunshine day and I am so happy with a cheerful heart, alhamdulillah... and ring3.. my mom was calling, and she told me to apply a job of pegawai graduan/kadet with angkatan tentera Malaysia (gosh, hehe). That moment told me that mom and dad's wish is the thing that I would like to fulfill right now... regardless of Dubai, if Allah will make it ease for me, nothing will stop HIM, right? So yeah I guess my mom and dad wasn't ready to let me go, as to oversea (which I wouldn't know)... but yeah I am so grateful to Allah, that I still have parents that have given everything and love that I need, and now what I have to do is say yes to their concerns :) I love u mama & papa... and now, I'm hoping the best from HIM, and will keep myself to believe that Allah's blessing will always be with my parents, all the time biiznillah, to guide me as their children to find a right job :) Allahu mustaan ...


Some thoughts to share : Love is In the Air

 COPYPASTA from wanek
"~~ If you find yourself in love with someone, and that someone does not love you…be gentle to yourself, there is nothing wrong with you, love just did not choose to rest in that someone`s heart.
~~If you find someone in love with you, and you cannot answer that love…feel honoured that love came by and called on your door…but gently refuse the feeling you cannot return, as love did not choose to settle in your heart.

~~If you find yourself in love with someone and the love was returned…it still can happen that love chooses to leave…do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blame…let it go, despite the pain…there is a reason and meaning to this….you cannot choose love by yourself….

~~Because LOVE itself, is from Him and to Him. He can give and He can take away. Allahu musta’an, He knows best~~

Narrated Abu Dharr:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The best of the actions is to love for the sake of Allah and to hate for the sake of Allah.

{Book 40, Number 4582 : Sunan Abu-Dawud}"

Thanks wanek, its really a wonderful notes on love... bil zabt, all love that ever exist is from Him :)
Few thoughts to share :
Ohh... really love is in the air, for me, love is the important essence of we, as His servant to choose, to do as He wishes us to do. And really nothing could ever challenge its utmost love... I still remember in MCIIUM, when I told my heart I am not ready to open up my heart to anyone else, really omg, His power of love can't be ever duplicated... and for now, what is the most important thing in this life is that when a man and a woman are cherished by His love and will try their best to make du'a so that their life will include the love towards Allah s.w.t. I would want that too for sure, hoping that mr. right of my life will enlighten me with love of Allah, wake me at 3 o'clock in the morning and most important thing, he loves me because of 100% love of Allah.
Allahu ajmal gharam :)