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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prose 15 - YouR unSeeN BeaUTy

It feels so hot, warm and cold I could say when I saw you for the first time. I can never stop an addiction to you, my changeling heart. Thinking about you is a rattle option for me, to keep you alive in my inexorably running vein. Those flaxen hair of you, makes me yearn in those hard time that I had… alone.  Your eyes tell me a lip, your hair flares me, your cheeks fortes me, your splendiferous words for certain flows me on. Cite me, kiss me, write me in the middle of night, we drunk with our past and we laughed upon the star wide hut. It was so tasteless when you are not around. I was drowning in your love, the one that is greater than mine. Living so fragile, I thought I was so strong to beat that harmless shadow of you. Beyond your forgoes gravity, I would live and I would heed… those hiss of love that you ever had for me.  So long that I could have you as mine, but my solemn heart says no… no matter how hard this shell of me wanting you, I can never have you be mine. I gap those spaces, between you and my curtains in yearning your halo by my side. It was cold and I shelter you with my warm sheet ever. I need you nothing more than I could have said except I love you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some thoughts : The truly Asia - Malaysia

 Namely business, investment, tourism, global mixture, holistic peace and absolutely free from blind’s man bogus and dictator rule are what make Malaysia to be called as a true purport land of peace and harmony. Malaysia places Kuala Lumpur as the main gate of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur or City of Mud is completely have alleged with the meaning of rattling developed country in the eyes of the world. Its wave allures through poles apart of races, religions and cultures. Its beaches sway the perfume of the white sands and its blue lining ocean that drives strangers to dive into the nature habitants. 

Malaysia is so exotically in introducing the various food and cuisine from different races. It’s really arduous from anything that we could have in US, Middle East and other Asian countries. Almost every world food and beverages could be found here. Nonetheless everyone has the chance to taste a food out of their culture; when it is phenomenal to see Malay eating Yong Tau Foo, Chinese eating Roti Canai and Indian eating Nasi Lemak. Perhaps some of the Malaysian prefers Arab and Turkish cuisine because they are healthy and low in carbohydrate. Most Malaysian eats everything to show that we are gentle in accepting all types of exotic dishes from all around the world, literally.

Malaysia globalized itself through the miraculous English language that has influenced lots of Malaysian mind. It spreads the wing of this global language through the TV station, mass media and even the discourse in the social virtualized bazaar : facebook and blog (Dr. Haja, IIUM). If English were not to be existed here, Malaysia would not be survived ONLY with the noble mother tongue. It is not about forgetting the heritage of Bahasa Melayu (Prof. Quayum, IIUM), it is about mastering English language to bring up the Malaysian heritage to the sight of the world. 

That is what I can recall from Tun Mahathir about his explanation to some minor groups. There are many speculations about the English subject to be introduced as a major subject in most of the school in Malaysia. It is hoped that those minor groups, could see how Malaysia stands in the eyes of the world right now, which has created the gate of social and political meet. Proof ? We can witness an event where recently, Hillary Clinton took her step to Malaysia and was amazed by what has Malaysia achieved till now. It is in English and would you mind to speak and to master only your mother tongue? Definitely no. 

Poll and elections in selecting best man in town certainly is vital in finding a man to blame if something goes wrong, sweet talker waiting for the chance to be elected and that’s it. But words never can be uttered by action promises. It is rather hilarious that to put these men at their own pace than to meet the people who inked their name on an inane paper. For the time being, no big hit in the society except some extremist cult, ‘freestyle’ group and yes they are evolving towards a rather formal deceasing. Another big hit will be like the political games between government and opposition in making the world is better place to live for Malaysian. 

Beyond my inexplicable thought, there is a hidden agenda why does the opposition emerge to fight against the current government; this is what I have in mind, the right to express their thought and giving their own critics and a new idea to shape a region. Well, perhaps government has been denoted as an obsolete way of system in running a country since the rule of the King’s family. And human mind changes years over years, through lots of exposure and they need to rejuvenate the structure. 

Perhaps, most perceive that the government is the original supreme whereas the opposition in most of the country are said to be the bad reformer. Well, I have few words to say to the both government and opposition party,:"Please, for  the God sake, put us in your top list than your override ridicule and dirty political minds wars!" 

But, above beyond missing fact on Malaysia, nothing would rather hurt a true Malaysian than a news of bonkers fireworks in a stadium, 1Malaysia symbol manic banning, the crass reformation over English in Science & Math and of course the wide spread wikileaks' viruses. Shouldn't we be so thankful to live in a such peaceful country that is none like others (that ever exist in the world)? Yes, we should.

Missing fact about Malaysia is not at its end, it is merely the beginning of the perfect conjugation in transforming the whole nation towards something better – 1Malaysia’s dictum.     


Prose 14 - LOvE UndoNE

I had love and I held love that you kept for me in those brevity promises... for every moment of my life and for so long that time would haunt my seconds. Its howling in the shadow of my viscus and hallowing my lone night stand... filled with mist and hazel cloud. My love for you indeed is no everglades, no heavenly to last its halo. I could see my tasteless fear, my regrets in vowing my love to you, having tearless confession to submit myself unto your oath of passion chivalry. I can't be loving you more because of Him. You have recited my love in those fluent night of my reading ail of hinder. Shattered and shun like never before... flings me into the wide sky chest and drown me in your breathless hope forces. Like a battered orioles, shining my sight into a freedom wealth of love that I had with you, in one of those days. Laugh and smile like we never did, you are indeed one in a million. Still, I couldn't find the love that I want in your shovelful eyes. I know, and always believe that you need mine as I do, but none of our souls fit each inch of them, they are thoughtless and indeed way missing. When the greatest love speaks, there is nothing we can bargain, through your priceless love and my aflame vitiate desire. Living in your gravity, with all those absurd dreams that wanting us in the bed of red and violet roses by the Russian lunette, I would want you back in my fearless shoulders and fragile strength of my arms. Like a dry desert, I would say, I missed the way we have our delicate and bizarre moments, with you and me, raising upon each other oath to be wanted in this voluptuous and rapture lives. My heart, is like an easy root that can't be cracked... grouching in those lucid sights of your shallow desire upon me. With those lines murmured in my head lanes ... "I lost myself deep in your eyes, all over me now... it is clear that your curtains will close. But if your heart is cold, my sheets are warm, I will shelter you through the storm, I will shelter you, all through the storm..." Hoping these would keep me dance between your zealous zephyr sounds and your boldless crude into my ferrous mind, everyday... But He, my love, will always comes first before our love.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prose 13 - HisS of LoVe

 It lives within me, so many types of it, from A to Z I could say, I love the way I am having it. No one can stop me from having different perspectives on love. Love once was a mist that abloom by the heat of emotions that I seldom buried along my crocheted jovial heart. It runs all over me, like a river that flows inexorably form different directions, and ends up to the white pan ocean (my breath). I wish I could feel the love, that needs reaction from two souls, between me and you. But tears, regrets and sorry would pay for everything that love upfront with. 
I wonder how would love could make me detach me from loving God more, sure it would be an inane mind would ever do it erratically. Its not an option, but love will make me to wait the breeze of someone that I love, billion miles away, by the lunette, rochetted me along the unbreakable hiss through the silent night. I would lay on my bed, thinking about you, someone that won't be exist, laid my viscus back on the howling bed, full of violet verbena.
Beautiful love is too good to be true now, except His love. They are exist, but its hiding, like a paramour within a vein of all hunting souls. Those lucid eyes, beyond my igniting head, I wish it could abloom before the sunrise, upon the fortress. You are named love, everlastingly whisper unto me, for every moment that merge my eyes into your sight. I swear by the cloud that brought you in every atom of you, killing me flawless in those frameless shadow. If I had you, I would wall you from the mediocre and ail that prevails your lame beats like a black rose underneath my shoreless pillow. I do miss you, though I never had you. I felt so nervous each time you struck me within my adrenaline, like an ocean that freeze my sight. Whispering unto me with those shelter words and shattered woods, embrace me into a lustrous moment of you and me.
Dear love, You make me live in a glassy world where I need you by my side, shelter me all through the debauchee stormy night. You make me listen to those beads of bits in every sensational and melodious of those tones in such glossy sounds of your ceaseless buoyant rain drops. The bona fide in you, indeed are standing right beside my envious, jealousy, anguish, hunger, passion, colorless emotions to aflame my soarless thought.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Prose 12 - OvEr siNs

Over dreams, over the fetid view of the solemn night of my life, lingers in those ugly and adorless deeds. Wishing the demesne moon and celestial stars guide and helm me through Your love, the everlasting and the full of wisdom. In this shallow tarnishing mind of me, I stood by the lunette waiting for the impossible, in-dex through my shadow of raging love with the morning dews grow in the shed of rain. Over the clouds, over the sky that brought me to meet You, once upon of time... totally has driven me into the tenderloin streams of Your merciful. With those painting and frameless picture of my life and the rest, You will always be in those empty lane, filling up those painful and suffocated viscus of my vision about this roaming sorbet life. So many sins, so many flaws that I have engaged and soars along my ceaseless parts, but You are always there, never giving up Your mercy and forgiveness unto my windswept and barren soul. In those vessel of my full sins, You show me how silly ego me and how ignorance I was with those unstoppable beautiful messages of You, You have indeed show me love with grateful dungeon and passion with graceful desire. I am so weak that my soul yearns for Your gallant guidance, I am so breathless that my heart years for Your breathing space. You are my God, my soul's friend and my buoyant wisdom. The one that I could not see but I believe that You see us in every frame, every second, every thing about us. You grant me a soul that realizes the beautiful and wondrous of You, and how You could beat all the prettiest thing that You have created in this life. Nothing in this idyllic world would mirror and wall You, the greatest Lord of my soul. Nothing in this world would gives You harm, indeed nothing is impossible for You... changing the fire to coldness for Your messenger, blowing a spirit into the virgin Maryam, moving the cloud to place the mosque dome. SubhanAllah, You are the greatest of all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ruled wisdom on His name over the planned life...

Living in those dream, with hope and wish to nurture and sought all the knowledge degrees of the world, does not stop us from being an expressive clover of the life itself, flying like a free orions, reaching the wide sky, merely hope that God will dictate and answer all of our prayers. Its true, we do have those microbe sensibility to have engage with people out there and nevertheless to achieve the plan that we have really set it out in the blueprint. But who knows that He is going to change it in a way that seemingly taking the control of what we use to thought - our held future...?

He is great, and we are not perfect sometimes, we used to blame Him for the failure of reciting our own written destiny, but still, He forgives everything... went to the Chinese kindergarten as my first step in stranger's world and beginning to live with it by the age of 16. and I was given by Him to explore more about my native's life by the age of 17 till now.  Everything was decided by Him, totally. From the ignorance to a muslim girl. We may be doing something for someone (by good reason), or being a hypocrite in doing something good. but I believe that if we force ourselves to do something good FOR the sake of Him, strongly insyAllah, every moves and every good deeds that we used to hypocritized with will be blessed by Allah.

It is undeniable to say that every soul has a dream, that is the wish to attain so much continuous enlightenments just to keep us stay on the track, no matter how many times we used to fall.

Have a faith on Him, that is the real order of this life. We were created by Him with full of knowledge and soul that could see the vision of good and evil... having those five pillars of Islam, six pillars of Iman, the Quran as the book of Allah's speech and the sunnah as the guidance for human life through the messenger of Allah, our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (P.b.u.h) planted in our soul, He is indeed the most merciful and benevolence.

Every decision that I have made, merely hope that He will fully blessed it. Even when I have to retard and distort the everdreamed interviews and wholly friends for the wisdom of Allah. He is great isn't it? the one that put my soul at a pace in describing his decision to be the best among the best... really have put me into a well-prepared fighter. 
Thank you Allah... indeed we are depending on you and lay our only trust at you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

As fOr NoW - DeC 14

My real status for right now... a full time writer at home, someone who has rejected few offers (I can say), and absolutely jobless for the time being. And I really have those gratitude mists around me, to thank my friends that always giving me supports and endless words of motivation nonetheless spreading some infoS about job vacancies !!! May Allah bless you all... I have totally imbibes all those words with an open-sweet heart. 

I would describe my life now as a knight who is writing about the chivalry, reciting it over the violet lunette in my dream. I am definitely placing my self beneath the sphere of fearless state that I am now, which whatever it takes, I will fight over the dawn to seize the moon back to its sky. Those joys and en-lusted moments, will be always spelled through my mind with the merging words of "do not ever give up", and my heart and soul nevertheless grows stronger by it's calling and yearn it so bad to be last longer. Such an effing moment, I could never wish to release those sensational zephyr wynd of my raising success endeavor... every piece of my writing.

I can't really express what I felt in the FBook, because, everybody is seeing it through with the line of unsolved emotion, but in this blog, it evolves illegally with true motion. Slowly I have developed the skill and style of writing, using those pieces of letters and make them dwell into a broad mat of creative writing, merely in this blog of mine. So much thing to say but only one thing that always struck my mind... A job for my life.

What job is really waiting for me outhere? well, I believe that it will be something that I rare to think of, probably something that is beyond my thought. Those unstoppable ceaseless thought of me will be haunting me for a good reason so that I won't make my life like those dying roses with a dreadful dream.   

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prose 11 - The PUREST

He is our God, the creator of our good and devour soul, the one that bestows whenever he wanted to. He is the only who shows us the way and never give us a false hope. He indeed never ever give up on what he has created – us. We are the best creation as He has mentioned in Al-Quran, always and forever. Do hell and heaven set us apart. He never forget us when human do, he never leave us when people we loves do. He always forgives us, over and over again without leaving us merciless and dependless. Love that he gives, food that he provides, rain that he drops, care that he grants, truly can’t be copycatted. He is genuine in all affair, never try to pretend like we do. Sun that evolves, earth that circles, moon that bright, star that sparks and stormy comet that lingers in the universe are the embroidery of this solid world. All are prostrate to the one who creates the violet sky with the red panoramic. I have love, family, money, future, friends and lover that he could challenge. He is top of everything, like an A list that owns a maker. He makes me sufficient with those gracious and compassionate prizes of life. For every lane that took me wrong, for every stroke of sky that flew me away, He makes me feel His merciful and His power of forgiveness in this tiny weakest heart. Having those sentiments and sensations of being loved and loved... indeed He is the utmost love between the husband and wife. The God of everything, even moon makes a ring and even sun gives the colossal light. Undeniable, His tantalizing light could blow away those fetid seduction of the evil.   

To all IIUM sweet educators, a 'Thank You' from us

It is not merely a word of expression, its a gratitude to the tasteless devotion towards those sacrifices that you have made for us. You are nonetheless like a petal that grows every night to seize our sparkling energy. Deep inside, you are brighter than the candle that lay upon our line of eyes in every breakthrough semester. We love the way you lingers those precious knowledge and greedless aid at us. All those syntactic joys and moments, all those logical pragmatically laughters... undeniable you have lightened our mediocre assignment and those pre-ails that we have during our end-test. Nothing we could describe you but a torch of our blind vessel of knowledge watching us within the edge of ardor. With those looks and voices that came from you, over and over again, making us so much safe in your dreadless arms and by your successful shoulders. All those words of promising, all those words of comforting, shall never be forgotten in those rottenless dreams and endless duties that owe us every single beads of your  undying advices. May Allah bless you, all the time, always... by giving you those ceaseless wings of love and miraculous chapters in your beautiful life.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Prose 10 - FlawLess LovE

You are something that never exist but a myth which lives beneath my heart, my soul and my every single inane tears. Its breaking up my souls into a brimless love ever. I could not see the sun shines over my head, across my shoverless emotion that I still have for you. You are indeed my desirable silence of the lone night stand. Writing and reciting about you, is rather and rattle complex within my viscus on the bed full of sweet violet verbena. Like a demesne stars that lives away from my Pluto sight, you have been watching me closely and valiantly with your sweet smiles. Indeed my life is lax with those heathless words of you. For every moment, you make me capture those sweetest underneath empty frames. Wish love is not blind to spell those moments and the truest emotions that hit up the persona of mounting gladiolus... like a love that spread by Aphrodite. I wish I could tell you how much this Ashima's rebellious heart has fall for you. And I wish I could tell how this Brittney's dream were hunting for you in those endless dream. Those reflected flaxen and hazel eyes of you, has drown me in a field of groundless vista. I love the way you wide me into the river of rottenless dream, because I know, sooner or later, this love will be as one in the splendiferous heaven of heart. Like a free orioles, flying above the shedless petals.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Prose 9 - BrigHteR thaN tHe mOOn

It's mesmerizes all the thing that we have in here, in this voiceless heart. Hope is what I could name it. Brighter than the celestial moon, unto the wide sky, it imbibes all the energy and dreamer's prays. Hoping for the best but nothing worst. If only, if there is a lane that could encompass the route of the hope, none will be the splendiferous except the jaunt of the wondrous yearn that lives within us. Wish I could have those rebellious hope that wanted to be with your deemless shadow. Till it tears my heart with those solemn sword of your dreadful words. My life is like a boat that streams me along the river of halo with the arduous waves. Those drops and those shapes of the reflection in the holy fountain, are my dreams that i would hope to attain. The moment would be nothing like bona-fide avant-garde but a rattling effing sumptuous bed that full of bleeding roses. To the moon, to the night sky that held me upon those door of solid lunette, have drowned me into a shoreless bluish beach when it runs through my veins and my viscus of wonder. Dear hope, I need you, I want you, to relinquish the laze side of me, to accentuate the different side of me, to abet the world within my soleless love like an ardor harlequin that awakes me in those flawlesshood. Nevertheless you sing me a melodious tones of your unspoken motion and sensation through those audacious and audible defies that cost me every tearless remedy. You are indeed my way, which I could palpate those magics that evolve me and illume me with the abloom tantalizing wish.   

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ThE UnspeLLed eMoTicoN: Alhamdulillah...

This is the word of praise, the word of soul in endeavoring the taste of grateful to the God and the wondrous word of the heardless sensational soul. Nothing would be enough but to palpate those rattling tempestuous and sumptuous edges on the power of the divine in creating all the success in our life. We are finally succeed in the will of Him, in the splendiferous evening of Awal Muharram. Beyond the cloudless awaken, we are about to reach our next destination and pit stop - to the unknown challenge and ceaseless world in streaming the four-years knowledge. Its like a heath with the endless show. There is nothing beauteous than a gift that sent by God in our picturesque lane, the encouragement of those bravery group in our life. Like a knight, we fight and never give up, though they are lots of emotions, sweats, heats, remediable tears and round obstacles that shape our jovial confidence in this sphere... Those friends, those teachers that have helped us to hit the ail, mediocre and arduousness of unique subjects,  shall never be forgotten for their piece of zephyr hints and logic laughter that have spelled in this shutless friendship emoticon. And also to those families of our life time that has drowned us with love of heaven and never leave us in those dreadful fearless in the camouflage land of knowledge. No word that we would like to express except "Thank you so much for everything that you have poured in my heart and fed my courage". This may be our last battle and duty as a knowledge seeker, but this ain't the last straw. For certain, there is more to come, there is more to cope, in which those mists of different codas seek our powerful elements to encode all the unlimited and our frameless freedom of thought. Lastly, congratulations to all my battle mate, let us keep our souls endeavor to begin it's endless new jaunt in this blessing new year. May Allah forces be with us, always.       

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prose 8 - LeSS to be truE

Living in this flawless world of ceaseless motion that cascades me beyond your griefless sight, wish I could love those motionless and brimless passions within my breath hord. In the darkness of the shallow nymph, i see your hand grabs me with spellless dream and lush vision. To the bright moon, to the altar that drops me the holy tears of you. Dreaming those dainty cane and lane that would draw me from the ruthless and fearless moment, makes me crouch my loveless sensation between those merciless boulder river. I heard those melodious tones of your breeze and zephyr voice, telling me how much I need you in this drawless emoticon. I can feel those heardless hurt  of your souls within your helpless hope. For every moment that sieges us in a breathless hiss, you raise me up to the anionless heath of the camouflage. Those ail and those pain of avant-garde of you, slip me into the world that seeks my tearless indulgence of running passion unto your angelic look. You are less to be true, with those fogless of your figureless shadow. Indeed you heed my soul and heed my unspoken mood. Nothing should I compare you with those pristine and cloudless days. Roam in the night of heatless violet smog, watching you stand by the bizarre purple lunette, lain in those utterless thoughtful longing. You answer my needless desire forest, you question my desireless emotion of the dark sky in meliorate your regardless aid. Those white sands and those flaxen alluring of your red sentiments, are what make the fadeless line of the shore grows shadeless... in those sweet moment of you and my whisperless being.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Prose 7 - A LiE WItHiN YouR LoVe’S BoDy

Every night in my lone dream, seized me into a world that I know there is only you and my soul. It takes me every second to breath in this breathless heath. It is when sky high glances its chest, nothing would I hope but seeking the love in me to meet you. Those hazel eyes of you with those shining ablaze flaxen hair, waving and allude me into a delusion in which I am in search of the solemn joy that lives over top of my head. I have life that lives within me, like a violin that plays my emotion all night long thinking about your sways... within my breathless journey. Tears fray my cheek upon those bluish words that I have ever spelled in this world. The dream of to say I wanted to be with you, I wanted you in me, I wanted you so bad. Those prates and craps that I have ever said to you, will be no more abloom along my shore of love edge. Those lies that I buried under my shallow innocence lift me beyond the valiant callous sky. Being so enamored by your beauty and funny roses that you have ever drawn to my chest, undeniable you are truly my imagination. You make me run in those sumptuous clothes covered by the thirst cloud that hunger for the night love hunter. In those lines of my body and you, I never could have merged your figure in my shadowy being beside that lunette. I can never be yours but you are always be my secret. You are my drawless love that has lived beneath my ceaseless desire. My love evanesce’d the mediocre whenever I cardiac those run-out words when you were around. I am what I am; made to love and loved by you… my time never waits to brighten those lusty vistas of my melodious tone which yearns in those smokeless petals.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Short Prose 6 - DreaM of Your souL

You are regardless of your soul, you made me fall in a deep circle of your jovial vain. Didn't know what to spell and utter except the maiden of my bluish words with rattle emotions which have lingered my body through your shadow being hideously. I would never know how much I love you if my soul is reluctance in giving so much pain and despair unto your spoken mind and your hinder wordiness sight. I love the eyes that swallow those pain and mediocre in my callous soul. You have drown me into a river of collision with the love that was rattling stats flawless. You were there, and you are always be the one that rather faded with your less eternal shines... I do love you, you are love, you are something that I can't grab within the mist and hazel crucial ignorance. I really do want you, in every second over my thought, something that i can't compare you with. Just like a bleeding roses fighting over the lover it only has - those living leaves.