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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Alhamdulillah... I am no longer jobless InsyAllah. Now I am attached to Hartamas Spa Product, consultation and services, really way beyond my imagination. But still He knows the best, I believe with all my heart that this is one of a way that I could develop my confidence and discipline level and at the same time gives me a push to develop my language skill. By involving and taking a risk in Global marketing and sales will really sacrifice us something, but I hope that it won't cost my time for Allah and my family as well as blogging and writing... I think the most important thing would be the time management, sometimes I'm too way far than having that, but now, its a show time... since its involve the beauty and appearance, I will try my best to be professional enough, wearing a suit with a tip toe heels... masyAllah.. thank you Allah... for giving my mom some rezki to buy me some clothes, indeed its all will go in 555 book hehe... =) now, I'm looking forward for the challenge. Allahu mustaan.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Lane 4 - outing with family...

It was Saturday morning and yeah right after I woke up, I had my shower cuz I know that Saturday is the day that I will hangout with my family. But guess I felt so effing upset cuz my brother cudn't make it and he indeed has a class and a tuition on every Saturday and Sunday. So, I was the one who sent him to school before me and my family went out that day...

So our very first pit stop was AEON credit service @ Olympia Tower, K.L. and then, we headed to Keramat AU AEON shopping centre (also known as Jusco). There was a lil bit crowded that day, and yeah, I was so happy that my mom and dad took us to Kenny's roaster ... My God, alhamdulillah... kan kullo ma'kulat lazeeeeez awi kteeer =) yum yum... we all had this quater meal and three sets of side dishes and drinks. It was awesome lunch and a happy moment with my family and we have a take away set for my brother. After we had the awesome lunch, we went to the Jusco store and had some groceries shopping. Finally we managed to finish our walking at about after Asr prayer. It was really a hot sunny day... my God, perhaps the music that turned around the parking area wud have decreased our hateness to the evening heat hehe... :P

That's not the end of it, we are still went on with the journey by heading ourselves to Giant Batu Caves. So my dad was thinking that he don't have the interest to shop lots more, so instead he sent my mom and my sisters to the Giant, and me following my dad to fetch my brother and sent him back home then I could go to Giant... LOL. well, I managed to get my brother to Giant, and we do got some big stuff... there it goes, CSL handphones... alhamdulillah, now my brother and sister got their new phones ;) Im very salute the malaysian CSL product, totally masyAllah, it did not make me dissapointed... the quality is just great (was thinking to experience their torch berry one day), like my lappy, it fell from a 3 feet high table and still no scratch and damage... but still after the so called 'contraction', I had to wait for about one month to allow it to have self recovery... and now alhamdulillah.., he is back on the line hehe....

Today is Sunday... when I just woke up at 9, I can smell the cake was baking in the oven... it was my sister job, she bakes a cake almost everyday, its marble, most of the time and delicious.. the moment that I couldn't forget was that she bake my birthday cake...  my God, I can tell it was wayyy farr delicious than secret recipe... the chocolate is absorbing your tongue and your taste,,, it was just fine and the richest cake that I have eved had taste so far..  well done sista !!!

So today, we went to Cik Yati house, she was one of my mom's colleague as well as a far cuzin. We paid her a visit to her house at Hulu Langat and bought some of the hot kuih and the marble cake... wow it was hot today... that when I came back, I am so tired and headache, I had a nap after my magrib prayer and just woke up after 3 hours to watch the True beauty season 2.. hehe... now, I have about 6 hours left to wait a biggest moment that will decide my life after this... He knows the best and I'm hoping for the best... Allahu Mustaan.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest Status - My Joblessness Journey

Indeed my home is the most valuable journey and experience. My joblessness has really put me in a big test from HIM, Its been 3 month ++ I have stayed at home. Days after days, He makes me think and makes me realize to do some correction in my intention to get a job.  I received interviews and I didn't get any of the best from HIM yet (from IIUM to Cyberjaya).. Now, I really need a job cuz I know I have to get rid of the PTPTN, to lease a burden (paying bills) , to improve the living, and knowing that it has real purpose, its all for HIM insyAllah and not merely for fun (as what I always supposed)... till today, I feel so grateful that by me staying at home, I should be so thankful that I still could spend my every-days with my papa, mama, and my 3 other siblings (indeed we managed to celebrate my birthday together). 
During my days at home till today, Allah has taught me to be patience, to be positive, to be better and last but not least to glean and to improve my attitude as good as possible. He knows the best and with all my heart, I will put my utmost trust upon Him cuz nothing can ever stop Him if anyone in this world could give a best offer ever... 
I guess the greatest opportunity that I have got so far is Dubai's, I was exited at first and realized that I need to... but yeah nothing is blessed if we don't rely upon Him (again, the intention... yet He still knows whats the best), and just few days ago, I came across on the job vacancy for the Qatar airways.. masyAllah, its a flight attendant job, and I wished I could go to Renaissance Hotel tomorrow (Saturday) to submit my CV.. and only last night, I heard in the news that one of Arabic countries has joined the alliance with America to bombard Tripoli, Libya... and it is QATAR, Ya Allah... I was wondering what will happen to me, If any chance I got an opportunity with the airlines there cuz I have to be based in Doha, Qatar. (will Gaddafi launch an attack to Qatar? gosh) .. 
Ok, that's it, no more safe place in this world... God bless us insyAllah. For right now, what's my mama has recommended me so far is that I should join the Jabatan Kemahiran Pembangunan Malaysia,  and perhaps I would have to undergo certain skills (which in the end Allahu musta'an, the government will help you to establish a business platform) and still it don't really matter cuz for right now, I pray for the best and a job that I might will receive one day, and it merely for HIM and to improve myself in the future cuz I know if we put the utmost trust upon HIM, nothing would be impossible... so I am waiting the Monday blue to come cuz my beloved mama will bring me to Wangsa Maju, and that's for now and we'll see about that later... <3 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For Someone Like You

Dear beloved soul-distance friend : 

I met you like before, flew you with words and numbers in my phone. I never had you in my contact list and missing list when I got you in my class... but now, I have you in the gerund list. My God, I can never describe you as a friend or beyond that... indeed you are one of many souls that have attracted  my sweet fragile heart.  Your sphere around me, makes my will go higher above the sky dream, which has taught me to be true, always... People will call this peculiarity and odd and I just don't care cuz I believe, my heart is learning to speak the truest now, like a starlet that wish to cross the venetian ocean. The typical in you tells me that you are one in a million. My dear, there is no more I could pray except a wish  that yearns our friendship will be run everlasting by His will though we don't always meet. I miss you wholeheartedly and will love you soulfully always... <3

With love,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poem - The Bright Sky

I could hear the sounds and the voiceless zephyr wind chiming the hall of the blue sky... 
 In the shelter beyond my restless sweet homey. 

Makes me wonder,
ponder to lift up myself aside from my busy day against His greatness in this world. 

SubhanAllah, said my dearest friend Wanek, the sky is so bright tonight, 
as I replied..."and the air is cold and breezy"

  No air-conditioner and fan could detour His power over everything. 

When the rain meet the night and when the sky meet the peak of the day,
it would be the jealousy of the world closest stage - the sun. 

Open it wings unto the wide jaunty happiness for those who value this beautiful sign of Lord of the sky.   

Brighter than the moon, indeed the sky is so bright tonight.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some thoughts to share : Read To Write The Language

Reading and writing are the major revivals of the academic frontier which has placed it to be the most important element due to the acknowledgment of a language within a wide perspective. The more we read, the more we can write about the content of the world… and the less we read, the limited we become in having the knowledge on life diversity. No matter what kind of reading material we are exposed to, it is still can be imbibed by human box of language except that the language involvement in words and phrases. Since the language has rapidly grown and changed thousands years ago, the maturity of language itself has created the great impetus in order to decide whether we are going to be the good writer or the reciter of the history.
The  great impact of the language writing and reading can be seen in the Latin bible, Arabic Quran and Sanskrit sacred book as the great examples. Language plays an important role in setting up the norms and the light of society, in order to guide, to assert the rules and regulation. Not only that, with the remarkable use of languages around the world through different cultures and variant doors of life, we are able to write a fully ravishing writing script and work that require us only the personal panoramic experience – by reading the memoir of the world’s most influential people. The style isn’t be the complexity of the main objective, it is all about how the language can be worked out beyond human box – by having the sensibility of reading and writing ability.
World is a picture that portrays thousands of words, each entity and emoticon involves a tiny bit of language microbe... which means, a language has a system (Chomsky), reading and writing can be an absolute initiative to mirror and to dissolve the whole reflection of words and images exist. In the nut shell, reading and writing is correlated to their being and a vital part of language evolution. Thus, from this perspective, it can be conclude that the language evolves through human ability to interpret and to construct in a way that it engrosses human's brain and multitasking ability. 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prose 20 - Life Lives

It roars, and it is the door of all souls that exist. It tends to take one's diversity of maturity in understanding the straw above all means... the hate, the love, the irresistible and the responsible. It brings love, by souls that need it as a stage to perform, as a theater to display all the power beneath the lunatic reflection. It sounds vivid but one may ask, one may call, one may tell but one never could predict.... it's prophecy is like a live in 3011. It has one, where every human is dying to live to the fullest of it, sounds vivid and beyond those lucid sights. Every eyes that watches, every tears that moves, every pain that lures, it tells how it could be the best and the worst scenario in one's. Every wish is answered by all barriers and wynds that it brings... by those tacit turn that stream every lives detour. Like a drawless mirror, It swings through all those pendulum and red ravishing view of panoramic eyes. It flies like a faded frames and pictures arcade, that cost a love, passion, and even in a harlequin contour of fetid slinger. This is it, the past, the present and the indeed future are in it's bare-naked arms of hope. It can make changes through those ceaseless emoticon, that seeks the impossiblity of it. This could be the last, live to the fullest, making the best of it's time beyond the pluperfect delusions.   

Monday, March 7, 2011

Memory Lane 3 - Sisters Cultural Night (ummatic event) March 4

It was Friday... and I was invited to join the sisters culltura night event at the engineering auditorium. Sounds cool huh?? really it was. so before that, I have invited my sister to come with me and yeah, she was like kind of shy and reluctance resistance at first and after few words of convincing, she got her arse with me... LOL. The reason why I need my sister to come with me is that, I wanted her to explore and sense the international cultures in UIA. So yeah, that night was awesome for her I think hehe... to see people from Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Arabs countries, Somalia, Indonesia and so on from a real close up view. Well, I can tell you that night was really a distinguish performances from the sisters of UIA. Since it was sisters night, most of the audience are without hijab (restricted in the hall only) plus most of the performers are without hijab, perhaps to give them a lil bit freedom I can say. I guess everybody was having loads of fun, dancing at the back, claping their hands according to the rhythm. =) its supposed to be that way I think because this event only got to present this year after 3 years of ban due to the leakings picture and recording. In short, we brought our cam that day but we didn't manage to take any shots of the event, its for safety I believe and I can see that commitees and the security guards are ought to observe the event.
This Monday, there will be an event of ummatic feast and its closing ceremony at night... darn, I could not make it LOL. Wish I could be there and taste all the cuisine around the world... =) It's really hope that such event will keep on going in order to initiate the brotherhood among UIA's students.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prose 19 - BeYoND LOvE

As I walked into the beauty street, I found you as a hope that I never wish to imagine. For all those moonlight that shun my night and for all those secrets that crave my day, you are my beyond ponder and thousands bona-fide. I have my time according to you, past, present and future would tell the reality of me being captured in those of your frameless coutures fade. Your every element and reasons come to alive in my voluptuous vein...You are for certain is created to be in spirit. You burn those feeling and sense alive with your power of control anything hatred, thus you blaze those inner wants that crave a freedom. Your sway, your move, your tone, which cardiac and cascade in those flawless words, made me wonder... perhaps my love unto you is rare. You give age promises and edge words that could turn my life so splendiferous yet you are the hatred when you breach those sacred codes and find your way at the end. I have the look that I gave towards the envious sun and the dexter clouds. You have those look that you earned from the rapture sea and overhauled mountain. My love, in every life that I have, you are hard to understand and easy to get wrong for the time being that you have spent with my soul. I could see you in every jubilant picture that shrouds over the fragile mirrored wall. Words after words by some bold passions dungeon, with those truly, madly, deeply sounds that do not come by, I wish I could turn my lunette on every sight that you have for me into others. When another day goes by, you stand in those shades, in those beautiful smiles that you flare at me like always, I heed upon those roses thorns to abloom and aflame the passion that I have and had in holding your zephyr voice within me. Those hiss that twist and rejoice my heart, tell me how much I need you in every single breath that I have in this heath of the violet verbena. I wish you knew and broke those silence and hiatus among bricks and trenches that I ever built to cross over your touch. Your sensational are no ending because you fly like a morbid bead that enlighten by the sky bright. For a moment, I'm hoping that you could merge my love that I have for you with someone that already held you for so long.

Memory Lane 2 - UIA's season March 2

Well it a was frenzy Wednesday. I'm here to describe the Wednesday: Loads of my emotions ran through my viscus and vain I could say... But the sunny hot weather made me realized that HE owns everything and I do not have a right to feel a thing. I took a walk from home sweet home and waited the bus in front of stranger-area cuz I think its the better idea than to wait under the raging bus. It was a wonderful sweaty day that I have ever had besides my walking exercise... with some soothing music on my purple head subhanAllah... HE made it as good as possible. Wow, the bus is totally ardor :P I mean the seats and everything, I almost got stumbled into a hole... wait a minute, stumble?? yeah it was, so funny till i got my real seat... its really a hole down to earth which is like prankfully covered by a plat of wood. LOL.
Soon, I arrived at Putra and I had to wait another bus to uni. Totally made me feel sick, luckily I just had my egg breakfast with my sister. I went into the bus, and I could still feel the rather-warm sense... OMG, I feel like suffocated. and It was till the main gate, when a guard have to do some checking on bus, (like we are crossing the border or something), and I saw this uncle Zul, who works as the IIUM guard, God, He still knows me and yelled at me, man, I felt so embarrassed by that :P, and yeah, I can't deny that he made my day by stopping those lurid sickening feeling that I have in me. 
Well, I started my journey on the super archaize building - modern rectory building... super cool and works good for me :P so I walked through the crowd and made my day stop at IRK building cuz I need to hand in a book to a friend. To be so frank alhamdulillah, I felt so happy when I get to know this sister (though we'r just met and its from the facebook, she made my smiley day. :)  
It was a busy day, with Ummatic week coming around, so much of events.. they got the international food exhibition at the wild wild west town (area in the middle of the mosque and shops).  
And I headed myself to the center of mosque (library), wow, certainly, there are lots of bazaar going on. I saw the shawl and everything... but end up with none purchasing. So yeah under the hot sun, I stood with proud as if I am not Puteri lilin :O... so I went to the House of God, to have some resty rest there... and yeah my body temp so cool. :) Just after the Zuhr prayer, I carried this empty stomach to Evoke i cafe. Yeah, I was eating alone and I know that I can still handle myself LOL. but yeah its cool, I had hati and some vege beef balls plus the unforgetful rice (otherwise I will get faint) without it. 
Finally, before I leave, I got to meet sana. Its been a long time I did not meet her. so yeah we have a great time together, going to CAC, visiting some international friends doing some their country exhibition, soon find ourselves at mamma mia. I had only a soft drink cuz I was way full. That was it, she sent me to the bus stop and yeah we talked so sweetly as if we didn't meet for decades. I miss you too sana. :') 
That is for now... and I'm looking forward to this Friday night's Ummatic event in UIA. and I guess I'm gona date myself again.. adious ...  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Memory lane 1 - Wangsa Walk Feb 25

 It was friday 25th... and it was unplanned event that never thought I would go Wangsa Walk alone to watch the Black Swan. Owh yeah, the TGV is filled but not full like one we have in those freaky weekends. And yeah, as I walked into the door about 11:45am, no one sat among me. I can tell you, Black Swan really freaked me out with its Dolby sound. I do admire how the originality of Nina (Natalie Portman's role) is showed up in this movie as the pieces of every moment is captured within by both my zealous eyes. Yeah, It is kind of bor-ink, as I thought I should go watch on Saturday or perhaps Sunday and yeah, things came up at last, I got weddings to attend on both Sat and Sun. What a day I guess... and I have walked through my shadow that day, all was just alone and I enjoyed it alhamdulillah :) 

 After that, I decided to  make an arcade go to KLCC loooool. My God, it was terrifically crowded on that friday. And yeah, I got nothing to stop by... except my lone-sitter at secret recipe at the Avenue K. and the seat made me thinking of having those cruel walking exercise behind my toes, I could have some rest till then. So that's the end of my short tour... so there my rapid lane, and finally I got into the bus that had taken me home. And now I'm looking forward to a long tour by a train to Port Klang one day, wish to have a lunch break there too..

Poem - You are

You are what you are, exist to be flawless,
I once abandoned you cuz of someone imperfect.  
You are what you are, exist to guide us all,
I once forgot you as I got so many reason to have.
You are what you are, exist to be our one and only God,
I once knew you and please God, 
help me get to know you again better and better,
for each day of my life.